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“Using the iPad with a Person Living with Dementia” Seminar

Keeping a loved one with dementia engaged in activities is very challenging for caregivers. Ed Fitzgerald, a technology consultant whose wife is living with Frontotemporal Dementia, looked for ways to use technology to help her. After some trial and error,

Caregiving Seminar Agenda


                    “Using the iPad with a Person who has Dementia” Introduction / Background Overview How I use the iPad with my wife Demonstration Apps Games YouTube Podcasts Travel links Magazine/News Photo

Technology for Caregiving Seminars

Seminar Schedule

2017 Seminars January 9, 2017 ElderHouse Adult Day Center – Caregiver Support Group – Noon to 1:00pm – Details 7 Lewis Street Norwalk, Connecticut 06851 Contact: Sally Harding – sally@elderhouse.org – 203.847.1998 January 26, 2017 The PC Users Group of